‘A Sunset, A Sunrise’ (2021)

Continuing the investigation into personal and collective memory found in ‘This Could Be Us, Please Let This Be Us’ (2021), ‘A Sunset, A Sunrise’ (2021) is a publication featured in the ‘We are Publication’ exhibition at the Stanley Picker Gallery. Made from cotton, the softness of memories are emphasised through this material, mixing artifical landscapes made in Blender with own photographed landscapes and friends, continuing this investigation through a dreamlike lens of memory. Using these ideas of postcards in the charcoal drawings, the photographs are edited to create the same effect in a 1920s postcard effect. The publication centers around ideas of impermenance in memory and the idolisation of them, indulging in them as holidays or short breaks from the present. However, with these and the natural process of impermenance, with every sunrise there must be a sunset but with every sunset there must be a sunrise. With this in mind, the visual start and end of the publication was key so I centered it around the making and eventual destruction of a small den my brother and I made when I visited back home in Derbyshire. This was an example of this impermenance and with it, the investigation into eco-spaces that began this research.