The Shell is a multi-use space for educating, exhibiting, making and conversations surrounding these. The notion of the shell is that of a natural one; the evolution of space and architecture has lead to the disregard for nature’s inclusion within these. It is a lack that follows in every space we inhabit, a lack that the Shell hopes to overcome.

With this in mind, the Shell finds itself mirrored by it’s environment. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, the archive sits on an island similar to those that already exist. With black sand beaches, clear oceans, red branches trees with undiscovered plants and a range of life amongst the residents who inhabit the island, the Shell is a part of this eco-system. Just as the life surrounding the Shell are containers for life, the Shell follows in this natural process. It becomes this shell for a more natural education, a more natural perspective on art and a more natural view on research and preservation.

Here, the residents find themselves as both student and teacher, artist and curator, researcher and admirer. They are rarely one thing. As the Shell and the island follow within this natural process of impermanence, this space transitions with the world it views from this island, from this Shell.