‘Stratospherically Pissed’ (2021)

My work spans across a variety of mediums as a way of communicating philosphical ideas of space in relation to the self, specifically focusing on the authority of different spaces. Initially, the research focused on a broader idea of these authorities, centering around social and political authorities but through experimentation and further research, this authority now revolves around these political authorities that leak into ways of making and living.

My most recent project ‘Stratospherically Pissed’ is in response to these ideas, with a focus on the legacy of punk music and it’s methods of visual communication, egalitarian ideals, elements of performance and openess in it’s current state now. Using Solarpunk, an environmental punk movement that came into fruition during the 2010s, as a focus science fiction has become a mode of protest within this, accomodating the exploration of what punk can be, what art can be through childlike methods of making to react to the agency of the environmental crisis as found within the charcoal drawings so far. They continue the world I created in ‘This Could Be Us, Please Let This Be Us’, moving instead into the space above, examining the ethereal nature of this island and the need for spirituality in the threatening of the planet. For the movement, the role of the individual as a gardener is something that has been very important to me; homing in on past memories of living in the Derbyshire countryside, being involved with nature then to now looking at the production and consumption of not just physical objects but the importance of producing and consuming the correct ideas with it.

These have manifested so far in involvements with the William Morris Society for environmental action, charcoal drawings and the making of music and the instruments in creating a world where these ideas and the role of the gardener can be experimented with.