‘This Could Be Us, Please Let This Be Us’ (2021)

This project manifested in trying to get back into making work, moving away from the theoretical research I had done on the environment, eco-spaces and the political authorities associated with these. Charocal allowed me to return to these childlike methods of making; the agency of the material allowed me to mimic the agency found in environmental action and with it the ambiguity of imagination as a way of protest against the more theoretical methods of making. They are still unknwon to me but contain familiar settings from growing up in the Derbyshire countryside; valleys, empty land filled with the ocassional building, twigs or trees. They are not purely reminiscings on the past nor are they hopes for the future but exist now as postcards from this island and solitude I retreat to when returning to these childlike methods of making and with it the leading of intuition and feeling above anything else. Here, above all other political authorities that I may have researched, intuition becomes the authority.

These drawings also featured as part of the Cherri Harari publication ‘Stuck in a Timeloop’, which can be found at: